Church School

Moving on Day at Bristol Cathedral

Every year our Year 6 pupils are invited to Bristol Cathedral to join with other Year 6 pupils from church schools across the Diocese. The pupils are involved in a variety of activities including: Music Workshop; Explorerdome; Art and Design; Environment. The aim of the day is to encourage teamwork and think about God’s love for us.


Advent Star Trail

The Star Trail was set up in our local church, St Leonard’s, by a group of church members. Every year each class, from Reception through to Year 6, visit the church accompanied by staff and parents, to take part in the Star Trail.


Easter Lent Trail

Every year, a group of Year 6 pupils teach pupils, from Reception class through to Year 6, about the Easter Story.


Values for Life

Schools and individuals are a major influence on the developing values of children and young people. This is an inevitable process whether it is intentional or not; children learn values at school from relationships, everyday classroom interactions from the example set by teachers and from more formal attempts to engage in values education.

'Values for Life' is a resource, provided by the Gloucester and Bristol Dioceses, to support primary schools in promoting the teaching of Christian values. The eighteen values that have been selected are:

Courage; Creativity; Peace; Trust; Forgiveness; Justice; Thankfulness; Compassion; Friendship; Hope; Truthfulness; Humility; Generosity; Respect and Reverence; Wisdom; Perseverance; Service; Responsibility.

These values inform the school's vision, aims and ethos, the design of curriculum, all policies, the planning for spiritual and moral development and also the school's management and governance.

Each term one value is taken as the focus for Collective Worship, and this value has a particular emphasis throughout the daily life of the school. At the same time all pupils know that they should always be mindful of all the values and use them as a guide for their own behaviour, both in and out of school. The values are communicated to parents and carers via the termly school newsletter.

Values for Life